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Re: Tyrannosaurus tail torque

>Unlike extant birds and mammals, most non-avian theropods 
>had large muscular tails, with muscle arrangements 
>similar to those of modern reptiles. Examination of 
>ornithomimid and tyrannosaurid tails revealed sequential 
>diagonal scarring on the lateral faces of four or more 
>hemal spines that consistently correlates with the zone 
>of the tail just anterior to the disappearance of the 
>vertebral transverse processes.
   I know the paper said that muscle mass estimates for past computer 
simulations may have been 45% lower than they should have been, but are there 
any revised estimates for top speed yet? If I remember correctly, past 
estimates ranged from 15 to 25 mph. So does this new information mean speeds in 
excess of 30 mph are much more likely?