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Re: Tyrannosaurus Tail Torque

"So that line in Jurassic Park about, "being alive when they start to
eat you" is probably BS."

Actually, no, cursorial pack-hunters like wolves and hyenas truly kill
their prey by eating it, so that the victim is technically alive - for
however brief a period - while the pack begins eating the viscera
(once the prey is on the ground). A severed human head can survive for
20-30 seconds before loss of consciousness from lack of oxygen, so a
wildebeest should certainly be alive (even if blacked out) for a
comparable period of time before blood loss and shock finish it off.
This in contrast to cats, which make sure the victim is well and truly
dead (except lions, which are sometimes desperate enough to start
eating while a pridemate is still maintaining the chokehold).

"Big Cats and Their Fossil Relatives" by Turner and Anton discusses
this predation-style dichotomy, if you'd like a reference.