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Re: Tyrannosaurus Tail Torque

"Since a blood choke (strangle) only takes about 8 to 10 seconds (if
that) to knock someone out, I really doubt a severed head would be
conscious for as long as you say."

The earliest study on this was done during the French Revolution. It
was found that a person (i.e. predetermined vicitim who was
cooperative enough to participate in the experiment) could blink 20 or
30 times before blacking out. Granted, maybe if a person were running
beforehand or struggling during an attack, their blood oxygen could be
depleted and thus contribute to more rapid loss of consciousness. (I'm
having trouble getting respectable refrences off Google Scholar both
for human tolerances and big cat techniques, but I'm quite sure it
takes longer than a handful of seconds to knock out a wildebeest or
what have you. In fact, IIRC, most references I've seen suggest it's a
rather prolonged death on the order of 5-10 minutes.)

In the case of *T. rex,* I think shock from sources other than simple
blood loss might play a bigger role. I can't imagine an edmontosaur or
*Triceratops* having the pain tolerance to not collapse or black out
after its leg has been shorn off, assuming it wasn't paralyzed by its
spinal column being shattered like a candy cane.