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Re: New iguanodonts in PLoS ONE

Ronald Orenstein wrote:

> The problem is that "colossus" has only one "l", not two!

Oh... that! Um, yes, sorry, that was *my* misspelling! (Dammit, Donna!)

And Dann Pigdon wrote:

> I'd have thought that poor Latin grammar would be grounds
> for rejecting a paper that errects a new name - except that
> many such mispellings over the years would suggest otherwise.

The abstract reads:

Herein we describe two new basal iguanodonts from the Yellow
Cat Member of the Cedar Mountain Formation of eastern Utah,
each known from a partial skull and skeleton. Iguanacolossus
fortis gen. et sp. nov. and Hippodraco scutodens gen. et sp.
nov. are each diagnosed by a single autapomorphy and a unique
combination of characters.

So, no problem with too many Ls. My bad entirely.

Dann also wrote:

> Letting grammar rules slide is but the thin edge of the
> wedge. It will be a dark day indeed when the first 'LOL'
> appears in a peer-reviewed article. I'll be, like, OMFG...

For better or worse, the Pittsburgh SVP meeting ushered in the first
use of the F-word during a talk!

-- Donna Braginetz