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Re: New iguanodonts in PLoS ONE

This is an interesting issue that has been passed over in the back and forth in 
this thread.  What kind of experiences have people had during the review 
process with improperly formed names?  Has anyone ever checked on how a 
proposed new name was formed or has anyone gotten back suggestions for fixing a 
name they are proposing? In reviewing manuscripts I have checked all manner of 
things (are all references cited in the text in the literature cited and 
versa), are citations formatted properly, etc. The proper/improper composition 
of the name just never occurred to me.


On 11/23/2010 5:54 PM, Dann Pigdon wrote:
I'd have thought that poor Latin grammar would be grounds for rejecting a paper 
that errects a
new name - except that many such mispellings over the years would suggest