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RE: New iguanodonts in PLoS ONE

Mickey Mortimer wrote:

But seriously, I have to ask if there is any good reason for caring about
using proper Latin or Greek in scientific names.  We're not actually
speaking the language, just making labels for taxa.  Surely it doesn't
matter how we make the label as long as we can communicate it.  Maybe it's a
generational thing, but being picky over the formation of names strikes me
as something only someone who uses aescs and cares where their salad fork
goes would be concerned with.

'as long as we can communicate it' is the thing, though. For those of us
that CAN spell, names that follow the 'rules' are simply much easier to
recall accurately. That makes them objectively better labels for all kinds
of information retrieval (as long as a human brain is in the loop).

Dr John D. Scanlon, FCD
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