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Re: New iguanodonts in PLoS ONE

> I just hope something can be done about the execrable
> *Futalognkosaurus*. The authors all speak Spanish, and it's _ng_ as
> in _tengo_! <headdesk>

 I can informe that it is not Spanish, but in Mapuche language, from
 the aborigins of northwest Patagonia.

But that's what I mean. The Mapu{d|z}ungun word in question is _longko_, "head", the same word that has given us *Loncosaurus*. It has _ng_, not _gn_; indeed, the sequence _gn_ is not used in any of the several competing orthographies of the Mapudungun = Mapuzungun language. And this _ng_ is pronounced the same way as in Spanish or English.

We've been through this.

 The term “execrable” can be considered here as subjective.

Not very much so, no.