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Re: New iguanodonts in PLoS ONE

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 As someone who doesn't know where the salad fork goes (aside from
 into the salad at some point), I do care that names are formed
 correctly. After all, when new genus and species names are put
 together using extant languages (such as Chinese or Mongolian), the
 authors ensure that the names are correctly formed.

Well, no. Often they don't. *Tyrannosaurus bataar* should be baatar (ÐÐÐÑÐÑ), *Tsaagan* should be tsagaan (ÑÐÐÐÐÐ), *Judinornis nogontsavensis* is from Nogoon tsav (ÐÐÐÐÐÐ ÑÐÐ), and that's just off the top of my head.

I say this as someone who has no idea where the salad fork goes; I don't even eat salad.And I'm not even talking about how best to represent Mongolian in ASCII (which is all the ICZN allows); that could lengthen the list a lot, for instance you have to either know the word or rely on vowel harmony to figure out that *Erketu* has Ã, not u (ÑÑÐÑÑÒ, not -Ñ).