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Original print of King Kong found

No, it does not apparently have the missing spider pit scene. But it's very interesting all the same.


A workman has unearthed a vintage film reel of King Kong during the refurbishment of a West End cinema.

Joiner Ross McMillan discovered the ancient movie hidden behind a partition wall in a projection room in the Grosvenor Cinema.
The dusty old reel, which dates back to the 1930s, is thought to have been missing from US film production company RKOs library vaults for more than 70 years.
The movie discovered was the original 1933 version of Merian C Coopers King Kong which has been missing from the film companys vaults since 1934.
But the cinema projectionist got a shock after contacting the original distributor, when he discovered late fees for the film have mounted over the passing decades to more than 43,000 in todays money.

Universal Pictures, which now owns RKO, has told cinema bosses it is willing to waive this fee to have the prestigious film reel back in its prized collection.

And as a special thank you, it will allow the Grosvenor Cinema to show the film a final time bringing 1930s cinematography back to the West End institution.

The iconic 1933 version of King Kong will be screened to celebrate the launch of The Grosvenor Caf on Friday.