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Correct latin&greek - was RE: New iguanodonts in PLoS ONE

That's a valid point, at least for things that are fairly well known
like -pteryx makes family names ending in -pterygidae.  But if we
didn't have ICZN rules and attempted emmendations for such cases, how
many people would know -orum is the suffix for species names
referring to multiple people and that Seismosaurus halli was named
for more than one Hall?  Especially with courses in Latin and Greek
becoming less common in schools.  I agree it's better to get the
spelling and grammar correct than not, I just don't think it's
important enough to make a big deal out of.  Certainly not to the
extent of Pigdon's original comment- "I'd have thought that poor
Latin grammar would be grounds for rejecting a paper that errects a
new name - except that many such mispellings over the years would
suggest otherwise."

So, to turn the tables, if some linguist calls a new linguistic
phenomenon (say, a really aggressive figure of speech) "Therapodism"
(because he was thinking of Theropods but couldn't recall the name),
would you then also agree that it's not important enough to be made a
big deal of? Who would notice except for a few paleontologists? After
all, who learns about dinosaurs in school nowadays?


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