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RE: Lack of Running Giant Theropod Tracks

> From: owner-DINOSAUR@usc.edu [mailto:owner-DINOSAUR@usc.edu] 
> On Behalf Of Martin Baeker
> BTW, the leg proportions of ornithopods seem to be less 
> well-adapted to fast running than those of T rex, so even if 
> T rex was not a super-sprinter, it may still have been fast 
> enough. 

Indeed!! Every challenge that has been proposed to T. rex being a runner is 
even more challenging to big ornithopods (much less
ceratopsians). But try telling reporters that... (Okay, I *DO* tell reporters 
that, but they typically leave that part out...)

> (And of course there are scenarios where the 
> juveniles do the running, and at 2 tons of mass the pciture 
> changes quite a bit.) If anybody has reasonable measurements 
> and estimates for muscles in ornithopod legs, we could easily 
> run them through our software...

Cue the Open Dinosaur Project folks: http://opendino.wordpress.com/

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