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Re: Lack of Running Giant Theropod Tracks

 Not to contradict anything here, and I apologize if this has been
 mentioned already... but there is good evidence that the titanosaur
 sauropod _Paralititan_ lived in a mangrove environment.

Yes. Press articles at the time this discovery was announced said "this stuff supports hotels" about the compact sand ground in question.

 Not only that, but the _Paralititan_ carcass was then scavenged by a
 theropod, which left a tooth behind (cf. _Carcharodontosaurus_) -
 so the theropod was presumably also comfortable in the mangrove

Utterly unsurprising -- theropods had large feet with long, somewhat splayed toes; even at the same weight, this means less risk of sinking in than for a pillar-footed sauropod.

 Based on oxygen isotope ratios, we know that _Spinosaurus_
 spent a lot of its time in water, despite its skeleton having few (if
 any) aquatic adaptations.

Oxygen isotope ratios tell us where *Spinosaurus* got its food from, not if it ever swum. I think it was a heron analogue.