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Re: Science feather strength debate

>  Nudds & Dyke have made major errors.

I certainly acknowledge that they entered values for mass and rachis
diameter that were greatly improved by your input and the input of Zheng
et al. However, their system could be very useful as a method for
measuring the aerodynamic abilities of maniraptorans. Moreover, their
method was explicit and empirical and, therefore, it could be tested and
improved by the input of other authors. That is how science should be
done. We should all strive to develop methods that are equally open.

 > That's so over the top that it happens to veer into libel -- is always
> bad idea to talk in absolutes.

 Please do remember that we are all colleagues here on DML, working with
common purpose. Many of us are fans of your work but I, for one, refuse to
tolerate your abuse. You resorted to name - calling and ad hominem
attacks, and no one else on this list did anything of the sort. You wrote
that you'd heard rumors that Nudds and Dyke have a bad reputation in the
field of Paleontology, and posted that gossip in public on this list. That
was what was over the top and veered into libel. Do you truly believe that
you have some special status that should allow you to insult us and that
we may not challenge you in response?

We agree that it is a bad idea to talk in absolutes. We have all made
mistakes and it is best to remain civil when we disagree. Do we all agree
on that?

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