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Online Vertebrate Paleontology Theses and Disserations

Theses and dissertations of Texas Tech Department of
Geology are online and downloadable as PDF files. They
can be found on the Texas Tech University Electronic 
Theses and Dissertation web page at:


They include:

1. Bone histology of the sauropod dinosaur Alamosaurus 
sanjuanensis from the Javelina Formation, Big Bend 
National Park, Texas by H. N. Woodward

2. Cranial anatomy of Shunosaurus and Camarasaurus 
(Dinosauria: Sauropoda) and the phylogeny of the 
Sauropoda by Z. Zhong

3. Anatomy and kinesis of the Allosaurus skull by
B. K. McClelland

4. Sedimentology and taphonomy of a juvenile 
Alamosaurus site in the Javelina Formation (Upper 
Cretaceous), Big Bend National Park, Texas by
A. B. Coulson

5. Mineralogy and microstructure of dinosaur eggshells
by M . L. Polliger

6. Stratigraphy and paleontology of the cretaceous-tertiary 
boundary, Big Bend National Park, Texas by W. H. Straigaht


Paul V. Heinrich