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New dinosaur site in France with biggest sauropod in Europe

From: Ben Creisler

In case this news item has not been mentioned yet, 
paleontologists in France have announced the discovery of 
a new fossil site dating from 130 million years ago 
(Lower Cretaceous)near Angouleme:


The text is in French but here are a few discoveries of 

giant sauropod femur said to be at least 2.2 m (7.3 ft) 
long (this beats the 1.9 m (6.4 ft) femur found in Spain 
announced last week, touted as the biggest in Europe!), 
suggesting an animal 35 m (117 ft) long, making it the 
biggest dinosaur known from Europe.

remains of at least five individuals (juveniles and 
adults) of a theropod up to 9 m long 

teeth and bones of smaller plant-eaters