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Re: New dinosaur site in France with biggest sauropod in Europe

You could also read: "the largest femur found in Europe so far".

What is not said in the press release is that the French team
collected also a femoral head (distal/proximal ? don't remember...)
which would belong to an even larger femur (and thus sauropod). And
for those who are interested: preservation is excellent and
preparation is rather easy (soft black clays).

France: it's bigger... or not.

2010/10/1 Mike Taylor <mike@indexdata.com>:
>> giant sauropod femur said to be at least 2.2 m (7.3 ft)
>> long (this beats the 1.9 m (6.4 ft) femur found in Spain
>> announced last week, touted as the biggest in Europe!),
>> suggesting an animal 35 m (117 ft) long, making it the
>> biggest dinosaur known from Europe.
> Well, maybe.  The supplementary information for Royo Torres et al.
> (2006) (The Turiasaurus description) estimated the length of that
> taxon's femur at 2219 mm based on regression between humerus and femur
> length in other cetiosaur-grade sauropods.  Obviously there are some
> big error-bars there given how much limb proportions vary among
> sauropods, but it seems the new animal is at least in the same
> ball-park.
Jocelyn Falconnet