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RE: Is Kayentavenator a tetanurine or a juvenile kayentakatae?

Jocelyn Falconnet wrote-

> Also, Mike, I see you used quotation marks for *Megapnosaurus* in
> *Megapnosaurus kayentakatae*. Is there now a consensus regarding
> coelophysoid interrelationships, or is the coelophysoid taxonomy as
> debated as ever, notably regarding the *C. bauri* / *M. rhodesiensis*
> problem ?

I base that on Tykoski's (2005) thesis, which finds kayentakatae is outside 
Megapnosaurus+Coelophysis and closer to Segisaurus.  This agrees with my 
saurischian supermatrix including all the data from most recent large basal 
theropod analyses (including Tykoski's).  It's not based on many characters 
(anterodorsal margin of acromion has smooth, continuous, high-angle transition 
to scapular blade; pubes rectangular in distal view), but basically all the 
characters joining it to Megapnosaurus were based on misinterpretations of 
Coelophysis and such.  I suppose you could call it Segisaurus kayentakatae 
under this phylogeny, though no one has to my knowledge.  Ezcurra and Novas 
(2006) found the same topology, except kayentakatae was closer to Coelophysis 
and Megapnosaurus than to Segisaurus.

Mickey Mortimer