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Re: Princeton Field Guide: a different take

my copy also arrived yesterday over here in Germany and I am very pleased with 
it. indeed the number & quality of illustrations is outstanding. the 
characterics of each dinosaur are short but to the point.
thanks greg for this huge effort to make this book!



Am 01.10.2010 um 14:40 schrieb Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.:

> Greetings,
> My copy arrived yesterday, and thankfully was not ruined by the horrendous 
> rainfall we had.
> I know that the DML is always WAY concerned about taxonomy, but there is a 
> lot more to this book than that.
> As in: dozens of hitherto unpublished Greg Paul skeletal restorations!! Some 
> of speices which have not-to my knowledge-had actual
> skeletal restorations before.
> At some point in my mythical copious free time I need to spend a few hours 
> with a flat bed scanner: next year's GEOL 104 students
> will be seeing a lot new taxa showing up on PowerPoints and tests...
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