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Re: Yaba daba do!

The French version used also a litteral translation: 'The Flintstones'
became 'Les Pierrafeu' (pierres à feu). It should be noted that the
'regular' French (ugh) translation and dubbing is different from the
Canadian French one. 'Bedrock' became then 'Caillouville' in France
and 'Saint-Granit' in Canada.

 I had the opportunity to watch this sitcom when I was a child with
other Hanna & Barbera cartoons such as 'The Jetsons' ('Les Jetsons').
It was already outdated - I was born in 1984 - but I had so much fun
watching these !

And contrary to Greg Paul, this is unfortunately not the reason why I
became interested in paleontology.

Anyway, Happy birthday !


2010/10/2 Renesto Silvio Claudio <silvio.renesto@uninsubria.it>:
> In Italian the Flintstones were renamed  "Gli Antenati" (the Ancestors) while 
> the Jetsons were  "I pronipoti" (the grandnephews)
> Cheers,
> Silvio
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> Oggetto: Re: Yaba daba do!
> So fo ryou trivia buffs, the Flintstones were tranlated into many languages. 
>  (Example, in German, "Fuersteins", as flint is "fire-stone".)  Others???