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Re: Yaba daba do! [sic]

Funnily enough, while the English Wikipedia lacks a separate article on _yabbadabbadoo_, the German one has one. http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yabba_Dabba_Doo! The English article on Fred Flintstone claims "originally derived from the Brylcreem advertising jingle motto 'A Little Dab'll Do Ya!'", but the German article on _yabbadabbadoo_ (...there's no separate one on Fred Flintstone, remarkably!) instead tells the story I know: the script for an early episode said Fred should call "yahoo", Alan Reed (Fred's voice) didn't like that because it wouldn't fit the character, Barbera asked what else Fred should say, Reed said "I don't know. How about yabbadabbadoo?". Now, the German Wikipedia cites a source for this, as it ought to: p. 289 of Tim Lawson & Alisa Persons (2004): The Magic Behind the Voices -- A Who's Who of Cartoon Voice Actors. The English Wikipedia cites nothing for its claim to the contrary and doesn't even mention the story with the script. Hmmmm. Do we know if Hanna & Barbera even knew of that Brylcreem ad?

I agree with everyone on The Great Gazoo. So unoriginal! So off-topic! Ruined everything.

It always made me sad that Dino isn't supposed to be any particular kind of dinosaur.

 The French version used also a litteral translation: 'The
 Flintstones' became 'Les Pierrafeu' (pierres à feu). It should be
 noted that the 'regular' French (ugh) translation and dubbing is
 different from the Canadian French one. 'Bedrock' became then
 'Caillouville' in France and 'Saint-Granit' in Canada.

German: "Familie Feuerstein", a simple translation. The first names were not translated, everything stays in the never-mentioned America. The Rubbles became Geröllheimer (rubble-homer... uh... home-er, not as in Simpson). Slate was translated literally (Schiefer). Bedrock, strangely, turned into Steintal and Felsental (in different episodes), "stone valley" and "rock valley". :-/ Generally, attempts were made to get the puns on "stone" across.

 And contrary to Greg Paul, this is unfortunately not the reason why I
 became interested in paleontology.

Me neither. Beautiful pictures are responsible for this, think Burian and the people inspired by him.