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Re: Yaba daba do!

 Rescued from AOHell:

 No depth...in 2D? And did you notice how many times they passed the
 same chair & lamp & window in the course of an indoor chase scene?
 Why, their house must have been HUGE, and it didn't look that big
 from the outside. Why do Fred & Wilma have pupils, but Barney &
 Wilma don't? How is it they have TV, but haven't quite worked out
 internal combustion? When Fred gets locked out of his house in the
 closing credits, why doesn't he just go through one of those
 pane-less windows? Also, why is Dino the only non-human on the show
 who doesn't seem to be able to talk, at least in a witty aside to
 the camera? At least then he could have TOLD us what kind of
 dinosaur he was/is, if not in the course of the show, then later,
 in cast re-unions & anniversary retrospectives.