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Huoshanornis huji, new enantiornithes

A New Enantiornithine Bird from the Early Cretaceous of Western Liaoning, 

Xia Wang1,4, Zihui Zhang1,4,5, Chunling Gao2, Lianhai Hou1,3, Qingjin Meng2 
and Jinyuan Liu

We describe a new enantiornithine bird, Huoshanornis huji gen. et sp. nov., 
from the Early Cretaceous Jiufotang Formation in Chaoyang, western Liaoning 
Province, China. This new bird is distinguished from other known 
enantiornithines in possessing a considerably reduced alular digit, a broad 
intermetacarpal space, a relatively long phalanx of the minor digit of the 
manus, and a remarkable triangular expansion at the distal end of the lateral 
trabecula of the sternum. The morphology of the manus may also suggest that at 
low flight speeds the new bird's maneuverability was exceptional

The Condor 112(3):432-437. 2010 

I don't have a pdf, if someone is so kind to send me a copy...


Lukas Panzarin