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Publication and the Code

I am reposting this because it might easily have been missed in a flurry of posts about an Allosaurus specimen for sale. However, this is of much broader import that the Allosaurus specimen.

Tom Holtz posted this link:


This paper might be of concern because this is a privately published monograph, published by a commercial entity digging and selling fossils, creates a new taxon that synonymizes a number of long recognized distinct sauropod genera into it, and the "new" species' skeletons may be up for sale in the future. The issue of self publication of new taxa is occurring with some regularity in the dinosaurian arena of paleontology, but could impact any aspect of VP. Some think the ICZN is quite out of date on the self publication issue and have handed down some faulty decisions about it in disciplines other than VP. Others think that this is okay and will just sort itself out. I am not of the latter opinion. Nevertheless, I thought that it would be useful for members of these list to be aware of this publication and its implications.