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Re: Publication and the Code

There is a remote possibility that this would have been caught by peer review .........................


On 10/7/2010 12:50 AM, Jay wrote:
This is the "diagnosis" of the purported new species:

"Diagnosis: Differs from Amphicoelias altus in the following combination of
characters: Basipterygoid recess present, neural spine bifurcate past the 9th
cervical, cervical ribs elongate, overlap, past centrum length, ossified
calcaneum present, claws tapered. Axial skeleton in males generally less
elongated with cervical ribs hypertrophic; unfused clavicles present, lack of
pleurocoels on the anterior caudals, and lack of ventral sculpting on mid-caudal
vertebrae until adult stage, and prezygapophysis on caudal vertebrae short."

Going through this list, none of the 10 so called traits are comparable with the
Amphicoelias altus type.