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RE: Publication and the Code

Jaime Headden wrote-

> While the need to access available material, one should not argue that 
> mounted material is somehow _less_ available than unmounted material. It is 
> somewhat more available, in fact. The issue lies in how the material is 
> presented. As Mickey said, the holotypes of some taxa are mounted into walls 
> or on plaques; but this is true for most of the Lyme Regis material that 
> spurred paleontology, the holotype of *Liliensternus liliensterni,* the 
> entire Sihetun fauna (preventing out-prepping for examination), etc. The 
> holotypes of the world's most famous dinosaurs are _all_ mounted: 
> *Tyrannosaurus rex,* *Apatosaurus lousisae,* *Diplodocus carnegii,* etc. 
> Others are wall mounts, or were until recently, including *Edmontonia 
> rugosidens,* *Ornitholestes hermannii,* etc.

Ornitholestes is now in the AMNH collection room unmounted.  I had the 
opportunity to examine it last year and both Norell and Mehling were very 
cooperative, even with the skull that is under redescription.

I'll also say that the situation is different for taxa originally preserved on 
slabs (like the Sihuten specimens) than for taxa remounted into walls (like 
Liliensternus).  The former are naturally difficult to access from all sides 
without damage, while the latter are only artificially in such a condition so 
could have been made more available to science if different decisions were 
made.  Just because we're stuck with some specimens being on slabs doesn't mean 
we should add to that number.

Mickey Mortimer