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Re: SVP: Paleoartist Dinner

Mike, you're killing me! I would love to go to both SVP and your diner, but I'm about two weeks away from a new baby!
Light a candle on a carved totem of my head in my place.

On Oct 8, 2010, at 8:13 AM, Mike Habib wrote:

Greetings all,

Some months ago I announced a paleoartist dinner and meet-and-greet for SVP, for which many of you replied. I apologize for the silence since, as I have been negotiating a deal at a local restaurant.

We will hold the gathering on Monday, October 11th. It will be at Las Velas on the Market Square starting at 7:30. The deal they are giving us has turned out to be particularly good, however, so I am opening the event to all comers from SVP. They can accommodate about 120 people. The restaurant will be closed to the public and reserved for SVP. There will be an open bar period for at least an hour and half at the beginning of the event, possibly longer (working on details now) and light food (unlimited, though). If you want a heavier meal that evening, there are several excellent places to get a large meal on the square, and then join us at the restaurant. It is walkable from the conference locality.

There will be a table reserved for paleoartists to place out any work they wish to share; if you will have prints for sale at the meeting feel free to bring samples to the gathering at Las Velas. We are also planning a special toast to Owen Lovejoy, who we hope to have in attendance as a guest of honor. The owners of the restaurant are also interested in doing a paleontology theme for a new wing of the Children's Hospital here in Pittsburgh, and will be interested to talk about the possibility of visuals with artists in attendance.

I would also like to have a more quiet sit-down with just the artists crowd (I have noted all the RSVPs so far) at some point; we can meet on Monday prior to the gathering at Las Velas, or later in the meeting. My apartment is relatively local to the meeting and museum, as well, and so the possibility for a quiet meet and greet with drinks is possible there during one of the evenings or subsequent to the event for anyone staying after SVP.

I know many of you are on your way, or already in Pittsburgh. If you want to reach me at short notice (likely given my short notice to begin with) you can call me at the number listed below in my signature; it is a cellular phone.


--Mike Habib

Michael Habib
Assistant Professor of Biology
Chatham University
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