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Pink dinosaur charity fundraiser

Hey folks,

I don't think this has been mentioned on the list already, but apologies if it 
has. As I'm sure many of you are aware, Art Evolved is hosting a Pink Dinosaur 
Charity Fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society. It's being talked about on 
a number of blogs but, in case it's passed anyone by, the upshot is that every 
drawing of a pink dinosaur submitted to Art Evolved before the end of the month 
will equate to $1 being donated to the CCS (pink being the chosen colour in 
association with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, see). You can find out more 


and, because I think this is a brilliant idea, I'm even going to give you the 
submission E-mail address:


At time of writing, the current donation funds stand at $167 
 but the goal is $500. Many DMLers are avid palaeoartists and there's still 
plenty of October left, so there's no excuse for anyone who can hold a pencil 
or a pink crayon not to submit something to help them reach that goal. At least 
some non-dinosaurian Mesozoic reptiles seem fair game, too, though I'm not sure 
how far the rules can be stretched. 

Before I go, I should point out that I'm nothing to do with any of this: the 
kudos for the idea lies with Peter Bond and the rest of the Art Evolved team, 
who deserve several glasses of the finest German beer for their work here. I've 
never seen palaeoart be used in such a commendable way before, so hats off to 
them for their efforts.



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