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Saurolophus skull redescribed

From: Ben Creisler

In case this new paper has not be mentioned:

Phil R. Bell (2010) Redescription of the skull of 
saurolophus osborni brown 1912 (Ornithischia: 
Hadrosauridae). Cretaceous Research (advance online 

A detailed redescription of the skull of the hadrosaurine 
Saurolophus osborni based on the three known specimens of 
this taxon, elucidates for the first time several 
important aspects of the cranial morphology. Details of 
the braincase, palate, and nasal crest that were either 
missed or disputed by previous authors are clarified. The 
nasal crest is buttressed caudally and caudolaterally by 
elongations of the frontals and prefrontals, 
respectively. The unique morphology of the frontals and 
prefrontals permit differentiation of S. osborni from 
other hadrosaurs. S. osborni can be differentiated from 
S. angustirostris by a relatively shorter frontal 
contribution to the nasal crest, a relatively straight 
premaxilla in lateral view, a weakly upturned oral margin 
of the premaxilla, and the absence of a vertical sulcus 
on the prootic above cranial nerve V. A reassessment of 
the phylogenetic affinities of S. osborni, exclusive of 
S. angustirostris, suggests it is most closely related to 
the Laurasian taxa Prosaurolophus and Kerberosaurus.