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Re: Koreanosaurus, new burrowing ornithopod

Andreas Johansson <andreasj@gmail.com> wrote:

> That doesn't follow - the gender of of the 2nd part of a
> (pseudo-)Latinate compound doesn't tell you anything about
> that of the 1st.

True.  Sometimes the separate parts of a genus name are both feminine, as with 
_Leallynasaura_, _Bonitasaura_, _Aviatyrannis_, and others.  But this is merely 
an aesthetic choice.  Other names have parts that do not agree in gender, such 
as _Laplatasaurus_, _Avaceratops_, _Auroraceratops_, or the recently described 
sauropodomorph _Sarahsaurus_.  

But I have to agree that the name _Koreanosaurus_ is kinda sucky.  The genus 
have referenced the local name for South Korea (Hanguk or Namhan), as has been 
done elsewhere (_Nipponosaurus_, _Magyarosaurus_, etc).  Or as Dann says, they 
could at least have called it 'Koreasaurus' if they wanted to incorporate the 
English word, along the lines of _Hungarosaurus_ or _Austriadactylus_.  But 

I know; bitch, bitch, bitch.  This digging ornithopod looks like an extremely 
interesting discovery.