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Re: Koreanosaurus, new burrowing ornithopod [Meta]

John Conway <john.a.conway@gmail.com> wrote:
> Ah the DML, a potential BURROWING FREAKIN DINOSAUR turns up, and we
> get 5 posts about nomenclature, 5 posts requesting PDFs, 3 truncated 
> messages, and exactly O on any other aspect. Oi.
> ...okay, and 1 complaining about the lack of topic diversity on the
> DML.
> Cheers,
> John

Okay, here is the perennial question (at least for me):

Is there any word on research regarding forelimb posture in small
Ornithopods? The closest I've ever come is finding a paper on
Protoceratopsids and some abstracts on Hadrosaurs.

I'm particularly interested in pronation and supination. So, if anyone
knows of active research (or if a newly published paper has skipped my
attention) or if anyone has a rough opinion - I'd love to hear it.

-Jonas Weselake-George