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RE: Koreanosaurus, new burrowing ornithopod [Meta]

Sorry, last paragraph was snipped.


Sure, a skull would be helpful.  And not just to provide additional characters 
for an analysis.  If the _Koreanosaurus_ postcranium is derived compared to 
(other?) hypsilophodont-grade onithopods, then who knows what changes went on 
in the skull?  _Oryctodromeus_ is regarded as a 'digging cursor', which used 
burrows for shelter and protection (including a den for raising young), but 
otherwise behaved like a typical small, bipedal ornithopod.  But if 
_Koreanosaurus_ was a digging quadruped, then perhaps the fossorial adaptations 
were employed not just for digging burrows but for procuring food.  In that 
case, the skull could be very interesting indeed...