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Re: Zarafasaura and other marine reptile stuff

 > A. G. Sennikov and M. S. Arkhangelsky, 2010. On a typical Jurassic
 sauropterygian from the Upper Triassic of Wilczek Land (Franz Josef
 Land, Arctic Russia). Paleontological Journal 44 (5): 567-572. A new
 elasmosaurid genus and species, Alexeyisaurus karnoushenkoi, from the
 Lower-Middle Norian (Wilczek Formation) of the Upper Triassic of the
 island of Wilczek Land (Franz Josef Land) is described based on an
 incomplete skeleton. The new form combines characters of typical late
 plesiosaurs and structural features unique to this form. It is
 probably the earliest representative of typical late sauropterygians

A Triassic elasmosaurid???

A... Triassic... elasmosaurid???