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Re: Koreanosaurus (regarding PDFs instead of forelimbs)

 > > and the PhyloCode will require ink on paper

 Why on Earth?? The ICZN at least has the excuse that it pre-dates the

The idea is that one should be able to read all publications of nomenclatural acts without any special apparatus (beyond glasses, I suppose). Even microfilm is therefore forbidden. Check out Articles 4.2 and 4.3: http://www.ohio.edu/phylocode/art4-5.html

Besides, the current (4th) edition of the ICZN is from 1999, does not predate the Internet, and does not require ink on paper; if Internet publication is accompanied by CDs deposited in a couple of public institutions, that's fine with the ICZN. Has been done; new names have been published in Palaeontologia Electronica this way.

 Not that I'm an especial fan of the Phylocode anyway

Why is that? :-)