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Hadrosaur jaw fragments found 1 m from K-T boundary in France

From: Ben Creisler

I don't recall seeing this paper mentioned here--it's 
been available for a few months. In any case, the pdf is 
free at: 

Michel BILOTTE, Yves LAURENT & Dominique TEODORI, 2010.
Hadrosaur remains in the Late Cretaceous marine sediments 
of Larcan (Petites Pyrenees, Haute-Garonne, France).
Carnets de Géologie / Notebooks on Geology - Note brève / 
Letter 2010/02:  (CG2010_L02)

The discovery of two hadrosaur fragments (maxilla and 
quadrate) in marine sediments of the end of the 
Cretaceous (uppermost Maastrichtian) is reported. 
Although this type of taphocoenosis is not exceptional 
for continental organisms, its situation at approximately 
1 m under the iridium zone of the K/T boundary deserves 
to be emphasized.

There is also an older paper on a pterosaur bone from 
France available on the same Web