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What should be done (humor)

while inspired by the discussions in > Subject: Re: Koreanosaurus, new 
burrowing ornithopod [Meta]....this is meant in a spirit of fun, and therefore 
should not be taken seriously without at least a few dozen stone of salt.
Suggestion as follows:
To ensure that satisfaction is complete among the paleontological community, 
the following rules shall be put into affect:
- describers must measure and qualify/quantify every single feature of their 
fossil, no matter how minute.  (ie no saving the Giganonatosaurus endocast for 
- once the preceeding is complete, describers must create a cladogram which 
includes every single other fossil species/genus in that newly-described 
fossil's (-)-hipped group   (if its down at the base of that group, then both 
lizard- and bird-hipped should be included, just to be sure.
- said cladograms should include every single other fossil - thus all 
describers must wait in line neatly and patiently if more than one member of 
the fossil group has been found worldwide.  (as, otherwise, the cladogram would 
be incomplete)
- to cut down on wait time, the cladogram should be in use by everyone, rather 
than each describing team making one of their own.
- PhyloCode must be free of any flaws seen by critics.
- annual parties.
- the paleontological community should recruit lawyers, so Discovery Channel 
(et al) will not be so quick to belittle professional work, such as with scaly