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Phil Currie CBC radio interview about Albertosaurus

From: Ben Creisler

In case anyone is interested, there is a 15 min. CBC 
radio interview with Phil Currie about rediscovering the 
Albertosaurus site first found by Barnum Brown:

mp3 download available.
The past episodes list for the science news program 
Quirks and Quarks contains a fair number of dinosaur-
related items.

Also, sorry for the cut-and-paste reedit goof in AM 
Novitates note (added comma accidentally replaced instead 
of followed second "l" in Mark Norell's name). Corrected 
ref is:

Daniel T. Ksepka and Mark A. Norell, 2010.
The Illusory Evidence for Asian Brachiosauridae: New 
Material of Erketu ellisoni and a Phylogenetic 
Reappraisal of Basal Titanosauriformes 
American Museum Novitates 3700: 1?27