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Re: New paper on pre-Archaeopteryx coelurosaurian dinosaurs

Mike Taylor <mike@indexdata.com> wrote:

> Really?  From Brochu (2003:138) I have:
> left femur length: 130.8
> left tibia length, including tarsus: 124.5
> right MT III (the longest): 67.1
> All measurements in cm.
> That sums to 322.4 cm (assuming totally erect hindlimb posture, which
> of course is wrong).  I can see where you'd add on a few extra cm for
> the cartilaginous joints, but a whole 80 cm?

Senter & Robins (2010) cite that same figure (322.4 cm) for the
hindlimb length of _Tyrannosaurus_.  However, someone (no doubt with
the best of intentions) emailed me off-list to tell me that the
mounted skeleton of "Sue" at the Field Museum is actually 4m high at
the hips.  That'll learn me...

So using the length from Brochu (2003), that makes _Gigantoraptor_
taller than _Tyrannosaurus_, at least in terms of height at the hips
(3.5 m v 3.2 m).