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RE: What is Liassaurus

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> Subject: What is Liassaurus
> Dear list,
> I wonder, what is Liassaurus? I'd also be interested to know 
> in which paper the taxon was erected.
> Thanks,
> Michael

This "taxon" has never been formally erected. It shows up on the internet, but 
is not a formal name. It is listed in work that
started life as an unpublished manuscript by Welles and Powell, and later 
ammended by Pickering (who has spread it around to various

The material in question is from the same quarry as specimens of Sarcosaurus, 
and may in fact be the limb material of this dinosaur.

Now, as to what Sarcosaurus is: that remains a matter of debate. A basal 
neotheropod of some stripe.

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