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Re: Baldaur bondac, the double-bladed dromaeosaurid of Transylvania!

> Today at 00:28 Central European summertime, Scott Hartman got truncated:

Poor Scott.

> Also, while the foot is neat because of the enlarged trenchant
> first ungal, let's not overlook that metatarsal 1 has migrated
> distally and is allowing nearly full contact with the ground. It looks
> like what I'd expect as an intermediate grade between Falcarius and more
> derived therizinosaurs 

The distal migration of metatarsal I is intriguing.  Like Jaime, I wonder how 
much the preserved position of the first digit (hallux) reflects its natural 
position.  It's difficult to determine the shape of metatarsal I from the 
description (including figures), but there's no indication of torsion or 
bending associated with retroversion.  Nevertheless, the distal migration of 
metatarsal I, plus elongation of the phalanges, plus the enlarged ungual, is 
characteristic of perchers.  The only thing missing is retroversion.