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RE: The Animal World (1956)

viewmaster!   gosh,  I had one of those discs as well with the dinosaurs.   I 
had totally forgot that after  X number of years.....;)    Jane Davidson
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Thank you for this information!

I never actually saw this movie, but I had a ViewMaster disc (!?!? Blast
from the Proterozoic there...) that featured the dinosaur sequences.

Rob Taylor wrote:
> Possibly of interest to some on this List, I noted today that Irwin
> Allen's
> 1956 documentary The Animal World, featuring a classic stop motion
> dinosaur
> segment produced by Ray Harryhausen and Willis O'Brien, is now available
> in
> its entirety on DVD through Warner Bros. Studio (WBshop.com). Although the
> dinosaur segment has previously been on DVD (the 2003 release of  The
> Black
> Scorpion), to my knowledge, this is the first time the entire film has
> been
> made available in this format.
> A bit too young myself to have ever seen the original film; I look forward
> to acquiring a copy and seeing the dino segment within its proper context!
> Regards,
> Rob Taylor
> rjtaylor68@comcast.net

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