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Re: Concavenator has two humps

rescued from truncation:

On Thu, Sep 9, 2010 at 5:54 PM,  <villesink@gmail.com> wrote:
>>Jaime Headden wrote:
>>*Occam's Razor implies drawing a straight line or at worst a slightly
>>rounded profile from the dorsals to the caudals, and suggests that the
>>sacrals were at least as high as the caudals and dorsals *preserved to
>>either side.
>>One should be very carefull when jumping for such conclusion. If the neural
>>spines of the mid dorsals were missing, following your logic we should
>>reconstruct the "sail" as longer with rounded or straight profile. Now I
>>know you admitted that your thoughts were based on certain assumptions, but
>>I still wanted to bring this point up.
>>Anyways the supp info has rather nice closeup showing that the neural
>>spines of first caudal and last sacral are completely preserved and are
>>indeed short indicating that there was no one continuous "sail". The sacral
>>neural spines are probably preserved but the area has been left unprepared
>>because there seems to be some sof tissue preservation just above ilium.

I am at home with a bad cold, and do not have access, but this is
exactly what I was harping on about earlier: jumping to conclusions is
a very bad idea here.