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Concavenator probably has an intermuscular line, not feather quills

David Marjanovic wrote-

> > Sometimes it reads just like Jura wants these to be anything else
> > more than quill knobs. ;-)
> To be fair, it's likely they really aren't quill knobs, because they're
> on the wrong side of the ulna:
> http://theropoddatabase.blogspot.com/2010/09/concavenator-feathers-becklespinax-and.html
> (hey, Mickey, why don't you do some more blogwhoring!?!)

I was planning to, but you beat me to it. ;) I notice now I should have said 
they run from the distal radial articulation to the bicipital tuber area (not 
the brachial fossa, which is more medial).  Checking Gishlick's thesis, there's 
a very obvious candidate for an intermuscular line in this position- between 
the M. flexor digitorum profundus and the M. adductor pollices longus.  Those 
are separated by a line in that exact place on the ulna, so now I'm fairly 
confidant that's what we're seeing in Concavenator instead of feather quill 
knobs.  The fact Naish came up with the same idea is also promising.

Both us and Cau have also made the connection between Concavenator and 
Becklespinax.  I'm really amazed that taxon wasn't mentioned by Ortega et al., 
since it's quite well known and has the same distinctive dorsal morphology.  

Mickey Mortimer