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RE: Hump-backed dinosaur from Spain

Tim Williams wrote-

> > Both us and Cau have also made the connection between
> > Concavenator and Becklespinax. I'm really amazed that
> > taxon wasn't mentioned by Ortega et al., since it's quite
> > well known and has the same distinctive dorsal morphology.
> I still maintain the correct name of _Becklespinax_ is actually _Altispinax_. 
> Although Huene was totally befuddled with respect to the type species, it is 
> clear that in 1932 he explicitly attached the name _Altispinax_ to the 
> distinctive tall-spined vertebrae. So the name should be _Altispinax 
> altispinax_.

Either one has priority over Concavenator.  Now we just have to wait for 
someone to declare Becklespinax/Altispinax a nomen dubium because it's 
fragmentary. ;)

Mickey Mortimer