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Re: Janensch translation?

 > There's an interesting figure in Janensch, 1935 on p. 207 that
 mentions "Hauptusurflächen" and "Terminalusurflächen" and I can't
 for the life of me figure out a translation. The best guess I have
 is something like "terminal surface".

That's the beginning and the end. The middle... I've never encountered _Usur_ in German. But French _usure_ means "use" as in "wear", doesn't it? It's clearly about wear facets.

Fun thing is, I don't actually know how wear facets are called in German nowadays. :-)

 Etwas schematische Darstellung der Breite der Hauptusurflächen (z.
 T. Terminalusurflächen) bei Zahnreihen von Brachiosaurus buancai.
 Von senkrechten Linien, die ungefähr die Dicke der Zahnkronen
 wiedergeben, sind die Breitenbeträge der Usurflächen abgezogen. Die
 linken Zahnreihen befinden sich links, die rechten rechts.

"Somewhat schematic representation of the width of the main wear facets (in part terminal wear facets) in tooth rows of *Brachiosaurus brancai* [r, not u, mind you]. The contributions the wear facets make to the width [of the tooth crowns?] are subtracted of the vertical lines which approximately show the thickness [ = labiolingual width, probably] of the tooth crowns. The left tooth rows are on the left, the right ones on the right."