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Re: Janensch translation?

<<That's the beginning and the end. The middle... I've never encountered _Usur_ in German. But French _usure_ means "use" as in "wear", doesn't it? It's clearly about wear facets.>>

Ich aber doch! That's mammal papers for you. I've just plucked out a convenient example that was easy to find (for me): Krebs B, /Drescheratherium acutum/ gen. et sp. nov., ein neuer Eupantothierier (Mammalia) aus dem Oberen Jura von Portugal, Berliner geowiss. Abh., E28, p.91-111.

Taking a sentence about the third upper premolar on page 99: "Die Hauptspitze trägt eine kleine, das mesiale accessorische Spitchen eine winzige Usur." My translation: "The main cone has a small, and the mesial accessory cuspule a tiny wear facet". Without bothering to check, I seem to recall the Hahns use 'Usur' in the couple of their German language papers I've seen.