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Re: Concavenator probably has an intermuscular line, not feather quills

2010/9/10 Lee Hall <paleeoguy@gmail.com>:

> You could save yourself a whole lot of guessing if you just took a slice out 
> and did
> some science.

Nice advise, but not all of us are histologists nor have the
appropriate histological stuff. And comparative anatomy is also

2010/9/10 Michael Mortimer <mickey_mortimer111@msn.com>:
> In the interest of blog whoring (as requested by Marjanovic), here's my new 
> post relevent to recent discussions on the list and citing some of you.  It 
> features a comparison with Becklespinax and an illustration of the ulnar line 
> compared to Alligator's intermuscular line and Velociraptor's quill knobs so 
> you can make your own decision regarding Concavenator's structure.

Thank you very much Michael for citing me. But why did you not take
into account in your blog the hypothesis you proposed on the basis of
birds? I think the homology of the muscles surrounding the crest is
still open because of the difference between the two archosaurs, and
we should go to see the condition of more basal sauropsids to be
sure... Sadly, I cannot find among my papers one showing the ulnae of
lepidosaurs with their muscular attachment areas, but can find that
for turtles.