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Re: Concavenator corcovatus, a new humped carcharodontosaurid from Las Hoyas

-Now in the digital era suppl. info is to me the same as a paper. It
is also peer-reviewed and mostly accessible as pdf.
-However, regarding the idealism related to the lenght of the paper, I
think nobody is hurt if you both publish shortly in Nature and then to
a greater lenght elsewhere, and you gain two papers to calm whichever
institution funds you.
-If the authors did not see other alternatives, there is nothing to be
blamed upon them. I suppose for most of us, things pass along our side
unnoticed all the time. If they have never seen an ulna with an
intermuscular line but they saw ulnae with quill knobs, one can say
their consideration is also logical.

2010/9/10 ralphchapman <ralphchapman@earthlink.net>:
> Don't agree, supplementary info is just that, not, imho the place for
> detailed discussions of theoretical aspects that should be the part of a
> main publication, and that is what this needs to be.