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Re: Concavenator and humans?

Well, in a very literal and cladistic sense, the only problem with that 
statement, is the use of the past tense form of live.

If Concavenator lends more evidence to the bird-dinosaur link, then it does 
address the question of if birds are dinosaurs. If they are, then humans lived 
with dinosaurs in the past, and are currently living with dinosaurs now.
The biggest and most terrifying of which would only be the likes of Haast's 
eagle, and possibly something like Titanis walleri.

If course, the way they phrased their statement, this is not the way anyone 
would interpret it. They would interpret it to mean the classical, large, and 
now extinct Hadrosaurs, Ceratopsians, Sauropods, Dromeosaurs, Tyrannosaurs and 
such might have lived with humans.

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> >  From an article linked to an AOL headline:
> >
> > "A nearly-complete fossil of a new dinosaur species
> was recently found in S=
> > pain and named, Concavenator corcovatus, 'the
> hunchback hunter from Cuenca.=
> > '.....
> >
> > This exciting discovery has prompted more questions
> about dinosaurs, includ=
> > ing whether humans and dinos lived together..."
> >
> > Umm....really? =20
> <sigh>
> Of course not. There's no reason to take anything serious
> that AOHell says about science. I suppose their reporter
> misunderstood something and didn't manage to ask.