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Re: Hug a scientist (because no one else wants to)

Oh, it gets better.  Here's an entirely different study:

>From _Discover_ magazine, Oct. 2010, page 12:

"Foreign accents arouse suspicion.
A University of Chicago study finds that non-native English [language] speakers 
receive lower "credibility ratings" when reading factual statements, even when 
the listeners are told that the content is from a prepared script."


"Thomas R. Holtz, Jr." <tholtz@umd.edu> wrote:
> If any of these are my former
> Earth, Life & Time students
> or current Science & Global
> Change students, I am going to
> punch them in their faces,
then go back to my office and
> weep in front of my desk... :-S

Phillip Bigelow wrote:
>> Here's some news that will undoubtably warm the hearts of
>> scientists. Quoted from the July/August, 2010 issue of
>> _Discover_ magazine, p. 19:
>> "Participants in a University of Maryland experiment
>> were more likely to express belief in ESP
>> (extra-sensory perception) if they were first told
>> that most scientists thought that ESP was bunk."
>> Society is doomed.
>> <pb>
>> --

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