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Re: FW: New Fossil Protection Regulations in China

 > The world IS a tough place. We have to be TOUGHER!! We have to be
 strongly motivated to do things we at 1st may not enjoy. If we are
 successful, the rewards will only encourage us to change strategies
 and beat the world at it's own game. There is no free lunch. It's not
 good enough to preach darwinism. One has to practise it as well.
 We're not here as observers David.


You have misunderstood science itself. The theory of evolution is not an "ought", it's an "is". To say "one has to practise" "darwinism" is wrong at so many levels...

One of them is the fact that the theory of evolution _is not a metaphor_. Your Darwinian fitness is measured by how many fertile children you have, _not_ by how much money you have raised.

What we should do, in my opinion, is to work on the political will to fund science in general. The money is there, in spades; it's just being spent on other stuff (I'd rather not start a discussion on what exactly). That's what we should change, as voters, as lobbyists, as politicians. In other words, we should change the unfortunate fact that the world is a tough place.

The short-sighted approach you suggest will moderately benefit a tiny number of good fundraisers, will leave lots of people with all their great ideas in the dust, and will do very, very little to advance science in the long run.